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Amanda López Askin has served Doña Ana County as Clerk since September of 2018 when the Board of County Commissioners chose her to lead the Clerk’s Office out of a pool of fourteen candidates. Once in the position, she successfully administered three elections and fought to see the office fully-staffed.

A lifelong resident of the county, Amanda drew on the strength of her deep community roots and decades of professional experience in pushing the Clerk’s Office forward. She is a three-time Aggie, having earned her bachelor’s degree in family and child science, a master’s degree in family and consumer science, and a doctorate in educational leadership administration from NMSU.

Before being appointed Clerk, Amanda previously served as a Regent at New Mexico State University. And when she is not advocating for increasing voter turnout in Doña Ana County, she is serving on the boards of ACTion Program for Animals and La Piñon.

Amanda enjoys life in the Mesilla Valley with her four dogs, her husband, Roy, and daughter, Eliana.

She hopes to continue to serve her beloved community as Clerk and lead in transparent, accountable elections’ administration and professional service to the county’s business community.


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The Issues

Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency

Adhering to federal and state statutes is the most essential part of serving as your County Clerk. It is foundational to every decision I make in the office and will continue to be foundational to every decision I make moving forward.


I commit to continuing to engage the community through events like Coffee with the Clerk as well as focusing on current and new relationships with faith-based groups and civic engagement organizations – leaving every voter feeling Invited, Informed, and Invested in our democratic process.

I also commit to listening directly to our business community and plan to host quarterly open houses in which we open doors to the Clerk’s Office for feedback and to better serve our customers. I want to explore options like keeping the office open two hours later on the last Friday of the month for marriage licenses, real estate activity, and more.

Professionalism/Customer Service

I want our office to be widely known for its outstanding customer service and willingness to go above and beyond. We should leave every transaction with our customers knowing we did the best we could to assist them. I will continue to invest in staff training, support, feedback, and positive reinforcement.

Voter Outreach and Investing in Civic Engagement

I value outreach to our future voters and young new voters. As Clerk, I work to maintain existing outreach efforts to local high schools. I invest in social media campaigns that promote what the Clerk’s Office does for our communities every day. I also invite local leaders to help lead the charge in encouraging democratic participation in our communities, because I believe voter engagement is our shared responsibility.

What is great about New Mexico is that we administer elections really well. The challenge is that many of our voters and potential voters don’t know that. I want to bolster how we inform voters in general, but concerned voters specifically. For example, in a potential partnership with community groups, I would like to start a series of educational seminars highlighting different parts of New Mexico’s electoral process as a part of our outreach and education efforts.


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